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Much many ile 10 tane olumsuz cümle

  • yönetim
  • | 20.10.2021 11:14
  • | Many much ile olumsuz cümle

We haven’t got many computers.

Liz hasn’t got many sisters.

Bill hasn’t got many cars.

I don’t receive many letters nowadays.

I haven’t got many flowers.

I don’t receive many letters nowadays.

Ben hasn’t got much money.

I don’t have much time to clean the room.

There wasn’t much traffic on the motorway.

There isn’t much food in the fridge.

There isn’t much cheese on the table.

I don’t put much butter on my bread.

Janet hasn’t got much time.

There isn’t much coffee in the jar.

There isn’t much milk in this bottle.

My grandfather doesn’t have much hair anymore.

I cannot see much stars in the sky tonight.

There isn’t much milk at home.

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