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ingilizce personality ile cümleler

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  • | 28.10.2021 18:01
  • | İngilizce kişilikle ilgili cümleler

This girl is very calm. She never gets angry.

Ann is a jealous person. She feels sad when her friend gets high marks.

My brother is a lazy student. He always gets low marks.

Edmond is a rude person. He usually shouts at people.

My little sister is very shy. She can't speak in front of people.

Eddie is a hardworking student. He always does his homework.

My friend is polite. He always gives his seat to old people on public buses.

Carl is a selfish boy. He always cares about himself.

My brother is a rude boy. He isn't polite person.

Tina rarely does her homework. She is a lazy student.

My friend never shares her toys. She is very selfish.

Judy isn't an outgoing person. She is very shy.

Mandy is angry because her friend is successful. She is very jealous.

I'm calm person. I don't feel nervous before exam.

All teacher like his homework and projects. He is hardworking and successful.

Everybody likes my brother. He is a polite boy.

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