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İngilizce kişilik ile ilgili 10 cümle (uzun)

  • yönetim
  • | 27.10.2021 09:27
  • | ingilizce kişilik özellikleri

Ashley never does her homework. She is lazy.

Tennyson can easily make new friends. He is outgoing.

My friend, Mary is very friendly. She make friends easily.

Alica is a generous girl. She always shares what she has with her friends.

My brother is an honest boy. He never tells lies.

Mary is a serious person. I have never seen her laughing.

Tom is so punctual that he goes everywhere on time.

Sharon is really intelligent. She can understand everything very quickly.

My mother is a thoughtful woman. She always thinks about other people's needs before her own needs.

Sue is very talanted. She plays the violin very well.

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