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Yummy breakfast diyalog örnekleri (7 adet)

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  • | 19.10.2021 11:12
  • | Yummy breakfast örnek diyaloglar

John: What do you eat in the morning, Mary?

Mary: I have tomatoes, cheese and butter in the mornings. I like butter very much.

John: I dislike butter but my brother likes it. I like cereal at breakfast and I drink coffee. What do you drink for breakfast?

Mary: I don’t drink coffee because it’s not healthy. Idrink apple juice. It’s my favorite.

John: Do you like croissants for breakfast?

Mary: No, I don’t like junk food. I think they are unhealthy?

Mom: Celine, breakfast is ready. Come here, dear.

Celine: I’m coming mom. What do we have for breakfast?

Mom: We have butter, honey, tomatoes and olives.

Celine: Do we have cheese?

Mom: Sorry, it’s all gone. Do you want omelette?

Celine: Ohh yummy! It’s my favorite.

Mom: Enjoy it.

Celine: Thank you, mom.

David: Can I have some coffee?

Waiter: Sure. Do you want a piece of cake with it?

David: No, thanks.

Waiter: Do you want a croissant?

David: No. I don’t like junk food. Can I have some milk with my coffee?

Waiter: Of course, sir.

David: Thank you.

Waiter: Enjoy it.

A : What would you like to eat for breakfast ?

B : Some cheese and olives, please. I love both.

A : The breakfast looks great! Thank you so much for preparing it, mom!

B : You're welcome, dear.

A : Good morning! Can I have a menu, please?

B : Yes, of course.

A : I want to have coffee first.

B : Any sugar?

A : Yes, please.

B : Would you like coffee with milk?

A : No, thanks. I don't want any milk.

A: what do you want for breakfast?

B : I like eggs very much. I want also some French fries.

A : Oh, French fries is a junk food. I don't like it.

B : And what do you like?

A : Eggs, cereals with blueberries and some croissants.

B : Okay, then let's call a waiter.

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