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Were, was ile ilgili olumlu - olumsuz soru cümleleri ve cevapları

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  • | 26.10.2021 10:11
  • | was were ile ilgili soru cevap

Was, were ile ilgili olumlu soru cümleleri

Where were you last Sunday?
I was at home last Sunday.

Who was your primary school teacher?
My primary school teacher was Mrs. Brown.

Were you ill last week?
Yes, i was.

When was Atatürk born?
Atatürk was born in 1881.

How was your last summer holiday?
It was a lovely holiday.

Where were you on your summer holiday?
We were in Muğla.

Was I born in Tunceli?
Yes, i was.

Was he sleepy last day?
No, he wasn't.

Was the weather cold yesterday?
Yes, it was.

How much milk was there in the bottle last night ? ( some )

Who was there in the kitchen a few minutes ago ? ( Mary and Jill )

What was there on the wall last year ? ( a painting and a clock )

When was the quiz Show on T.V. last year ? ( on Tuesday and Sunday)

How many people were there at the party last night ? ( a lot of )

How were your parents yesterday ? ( well )

Where were the boys last Sunday ? ( at the football match )

Who were you with last night ? ( my friends )

What time was your favourite series on last night ? ( at 9 pm.)

What was Mr. Taylor’s job ten years ago ? ( a cashier )

Were you very fat when you were at high school ? ( slim )

No,.......... I .........

Was your mother at the hospital yesterday ? ( at the bank )

No, ....... She .........

Were Sally and Robert on holiday last month?


Was your sister in bed at 9 pm. last night? ( at 11 pm.)


Why was Oliver absent yesterday ? ( ill )

Was, were ile ilgili olumsuz soru cümleleri

Wasn't I born in Ankara ?

Weren't you ill yesterday ?

Weren't we in İzmir two weeks ago ?

Weren't they happy last year ?

Wasn't he sleepy last night ?

Wasn't she a pilot ?

Wasn't the weather sunny yesterday ?

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