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Simple past tense ile olumsuz cümle 15 adet

  • yönetim
  • | 26.10.2021 10:22
  • | Simple past tense ile olumsuz cümleler

1. We didn't swim in the sea. We swam in the swimming pool.

2. Eric didn't pick flowers. He picked berries.

3. Christopher didn't visit the ruins. He visited the museums.

4. I didn't drink coffee in the hotel room. I drank juice.

5. The weather wasn't so good. It was bad.

6. She didn't bring magazines to the room. She brought some books about history.

7. They didn't meet their relatives on holiday. They met their friends.

8. He didn’t go climbing with his family in June.

9. She didn’t sail on a boat two days ago.

10. We didn't play snowball at the winter sports center.

11. They didn't pick some fruit from the trees.

12. Tourists didn’t come to the mountains with them.

13. Miranda didn't watch a movie last night.

14. I didn't want to go to the teather.

15. My aunt didn't buy a house in Ankara four years ago.

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