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Simple past tense ile olumlu 30 cümle

  • yönetim
  • | 26.10.2021 10:21
  • | simple past tense ile cümleler

1. I saw the ruins of this city two days ago.

2. We went to a popular seaside last weekend.

3. We found a cheap hotel room on our holiday.

4. They left the hotel early to catch the plane.

5. Max spent nice time at this expensive resort.

6. They chose a good hotel room by looking at this website

7. Kelly’s brother knew the area very well and he took us to the ancient ruins in the town.

8. Tom paid 5.000 dollars for the hotel room for a week.

9. When there was sunny weather, we swam in the lake with our friends.

10. I drank coffee at the hotel’s restaurant.

11. I played table tennis with my friends.

12. We came back from Sweden yesterday.

13. They decided to go on holiday together next year.

14. Sarah learned skiing in Palandöken.

15. We slept in uncomfortable tents.

16. There was a famous carnival on all the streets.

17. There was lovely weather outside, so we decided to have a picnic together.

18. Last week we picked up strawberries. I liked them too much.

19. Two years ago I stayed in a hut in the forest. It was wonderful.

20. Jack studied his project last weekend. In the afternoon he played computer games.

21. I prepared breakfast and then I called my mom and dad.

22. Sue helped an old woman on the bus yesterday.

23. My friend used my computer this morning.

24. My mother cooked pizza for us yesterday evening.

25. Last night I tried a new dessert. It was delicious.

26. My father worked in a bank last year.

28. When i saw the robbers, i was scared.

29. The detective took his magnifier and investigated the crime scene.

30. The police caught the criminals and put them in prison.

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