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Present simple tense ile ilgili 25 cümle

  • yönetim
  • | 19.10.2021 11:59
  • | Present simple ile 25 cümle

I take a guitar course.

They play socer at the weekend.

He gets up early every morning.

I go to my piano class every day.

The cat drinks milk.

Alex and Terry meet friends after school.

Susan does homework in the evening.

Jane watches TV on Sundays.

John and I help our dad.

She studies maths at school.

He takes a violin lesson every week.

I brush my teeth twice a day.

Sue wants to take a guitar course.

My brother starts school in 2018.

He goes out on Saturday evenings.

My best friend always sends me a postcard at my birthday.

Sam is a doctor in a hospital in Istanbul.

He eats toast and drinks ayran.

Jack takes a step dance course.

Tina like learning foreign languages.

Aden enjoys doing sports.

He plays online games in the evenings.

She does homework before bed.

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