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Present simple tense ile 20 cümle

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  • | 19.10.2021 10:35
  • | Present simple tense ile örnek cümle

1) Pam always takes a nap after school.

2) Do you get up early ?

No, I don't.

3) They usually play volleyball at weekends.

4) Tom doesn't help his dad.

5) I don't stay up late on weekdays.

6) What time do you come back home ?

7) My mother usually have breakfast at 9 a.m.

8) Does Helen swim in the sea ?

Yes, she does.

9) Bill often rides his bike.

10) Rita doesn't dance at parties.

11) We always listen to the news.

12) I never eat garlic.

13) The cat sleeps in front of the stove every day.

14) The students often take the bus.

15) The boys don't clean the classroom.

16) Does she wake up at 6 o’clock ?

17) Lily watches series at nights.

18) Paul always does his homework.

19) We don't have lunch at home.

20) Where does your brother spends his holiday?

21) Do the doctors work at weekends ?

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