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Present continuous ile olumlu - olumsuz - soru cümleleri (40 adet)

  • yönetim
  • | 22.10.2021 15:32
  • | present continuous tense ile ilgili cümleler

1. We are going to work.

2. My brother is eating a sandwich.

3. I am sitting in the kitchen.

4. The pilot is flying the plane.

5. They are playing on the sand.

6. Nick is taking a photograph now.

7. The baby is drinking his milk.

8. Helen is writing a letter.

9. Bob and Tina are singing.

10. The children are running.

11 I am going to school now.

12. He is riding his bike at the moment.

13. We are playing the piano at the moment.

14. She isn't singing now.

15. They aren't running now.

16. It isn't crying now.

17. are you swimming at the moment?

18. is she sitting now?

19. is he smiling now?

20. I am trying to do a grammar exercise.

21. Fred is playing tennis now.

22. Look! The dog is swimming.

23. We are watering the flowers.

24. Tom is drinking a glass of water.

25. What is John doing?

26. Mary and Peter are doing their homework.

27. Grandpa is cleaning the car.

28. Mark is listening to music.

29. The kids are watching TV.

30. My sister is making a cake.

31. I am reading a book.

32. is he fishing at the moment?

33. They are painting a picture now.

34. I am not eating an ice cream.

35. You are sleeping at the moment.

36. We aren't reading a newspaper.

37. is she standing now?

38. I am blowing a balloon.

39. Are they writing letters now?

40. Ayşe isn't drawing a picture.

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