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Many much ile ilgili 30 tane cümle

  • yönetim
  • | 20.10.2021 11:06
  • | Much many kullanımı

I’ve got many books.

He slept much yesterday.

There are many sweets there.

Pam has much free time.

Tom has many friends.

We have many lessons today.

There are many tables there.

Sam ran many kilometers.

There isn’t much milk at home.

We haven’t got many computers.

Liz hasn’t got many sisters.

Bill hasn’t got many cars.

There is much information here.

I haven’t got many flowers.

Ben hasn’t got much money.

Mona has many guests.

Paul has many toys at home

There are many people in the hall.

I don’t have much time to clean the room.

Tim has much work to do.

I have got many CDs at home.

There isn’t much food in the fridge.

There are many apples in the basket.

There is much snow in the street.

We have many trees in our garden.

Bill has put much sugar into his tea.

There isn’t much cheese on the table.

I don’t put much butter on my bread.

There are many tomatoes in the garden.

You can see many apples on the tree.

There isn’t much coffee in the jar.

I put many eggs into the pie.

There are many potatoes in this box.

There isn’t much milk in this bottle.

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