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İngilizce zaman zarfları ile ilgili cümleler 15 tane

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  • | 26.10.2021 11:45
  • | ingilizce zaman zarfları kullanımı

adverbs of time

İngilizce zaman zarfları cümleleri

Cenk and Mert chatted on the net yesterday.

I talked to him on the phone last week.

My mother had a trip two days ago.

We stayed in a hotel when we were in London last year.

We took a sightseeing tour in Istanbul in 2015.

He wrote a letter to his parents on holiday last winter.

I picked fresh fruit yesterday.

They got up at eight in the morning last Monday.

She rode a horse yesterday morning.

Robert went camping one week ago.

Laura took a balloon tour two days ago.

Lucky sunbathed last weekend.

Susan went sailing last month.

Tim water-skied three months ago.

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