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İngilizce günlük aktivitelerle ilgili paragraflar (5 adet)

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  • | 19.10.2021 11:00
  • | İngilizce günlük aktivite paragrafları

Hello! I'm Judy. I always get up early on weekdays. I wash my face and brush my teeth. I always have breakfast in the morning. I get dressed for school and I leave home at 8.30. I get on the school bus at 8.40. I always have lunch at school. I come home at 3 o'clock. I sometimes take a nap after school. I go to chess club on Wednesdays. On Mondays I have dance course. I learn folk dances. I do my homework at home before dinner. I have dinner with my family at 7.30. I help my mother with dinner. After dinner I listen to music and draw pictures. At weekends I take guitar courses in the afternoons and I watch TV in the evenings. My brother Sam never watches TV. He always reads a book on weekdays and plays computer games at weekends. We sometimes play in the park together at weekends.

I get up at a quarter past seven every day. My school starts at half past eight. I leave home at eight a.m. I have lunch at school at a quarter to twelve. My school finishes at ten past three. I come home and have a rest for a while. I do my homework between half past four and six p.m. I have dinner at eight p.m. and I read a book till twenty to ten. I go to bed at ten p.m.

Hello! I'm Gizem. I am a student in the sixth grade. I wake up at half past six in the mornings. I have breakfast at seven o'clock.I go to school at quarter to eight and my lessons start at eight o'clock. After school,I take a nap at quarter past three.Then, I visit my grandparents at quarter to five and take my dog for a walk at half past five. I do my homework at eight o'clock. Then, I go to bed at ten o'clock.

This is Atakan. He wakes up at half past ten at the weekends. He has breakfast with his family at eleven o'clock. Then he gets dressed at ten past twelve. He attends a folk dance course at quarter past one. Then he plays football with his friends at quarter past three. When he arrives home, he helps dad at four o’clock. He has dinner with his family at quarter past five in the evenings. Then he watches TV at half past nine. He writes diary before he goes to bed.

Hi! My name is Sally. I always get up at half past six a.m. I wash my face, get dressed and have a big breakfast. I leave home at half past seven because my lessons start at eight a.m. I have lunch at school canteen at one p.m. My lessons finish at half past three. After school, I usually go to playground to play football with my friends. On Tuesdays and Wednesdays, I go to piano piano lesson quarter to four p.m. I usually arrive home at half past five p.m. I finish my homework before dinner. I go online from eight o’clock to quarter to ten. I brush my teeth and always go to bed at half past ten p.m.

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