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İngilizce günlük aktivitelerle 15 cümle

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  • | 19.10.2021 10:31
  • | İngilizce günlük aktiviteler

I always get up early on weekdays.

wash my face and brush my teeth.

I always have breakfast in the morning.

get dressed for school and I leave home at 8.30.

get on the school bus at 8.40.

I always have lunch at school.

come home at 3 o’clock.

I sometimes take a nap after school.

go to chess club on Wednesdays.

On Mondays I have dance course. I learn folk dances.

do my homework at home before dinner.

have dinner with my family at 7.30. I help my mother with dinner.

After dinner I listen to music and draw pictures.

At weekends I take guitar courses in the afternoons and I watch TV in the evenings.

He always reads a book on weekdays and plays computer games at weekends.

We sometimes play in the park together at weekends.

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