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Frequency adverbs kullanımı ile 20 cümle

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  • | 20.10.2021 10:37
  • | Frequency adverbs ile cümleler

Pam always takes a nap after school.

seldom drink coffee in the mornings.

People sometimes go to Uludağ on holiday in winter.

They are usually late for school on Mondays.

Wendy always goes shopping with her mother at weekends.

Terry is often at home on Sundays.

Martha never has lunch in the afternoons.

Parrots sometimes speak.

Chairs never have three legs.

Dolphins always live in the sea.

It often rains in Giresun in autumn.

They usually play volleyball at weekends.

My mother usually have breakfast at 9 a.m.

Bill often rides his bike.

We always listen to the news.

never eat garlic.

The students often take the bus.

Paul always does his homework.

She always eats a lot of sweets.

They usually tell jokes.

We never go to Chinese restaurants.

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