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Do, does ile ilgili 20 adet soru cevap cümleleri

  • yönetim
  • | 19.10.2021 14:18
  • | ingilizce do does question answer

Does Betty drink tea in the mornings?
No, she doesn't. She drinks coffee in the mornings.

Do the students wear casual clothes at school?
No, they don't. They wear school uniforms at school.

Do lions eat vegetables?
No, they don't. They eat meat.

Does a nurse work at the post office?
No, she doesn't. She works at hospital.

Does Mary go to school on foot?
No, she doesn't. She goes to school by car.

Does Adam work for a big company?
No, he doesn't. Jeremy works for a big company.

Do bears live in flats?
No, they don't. They live in caves.

Does an English teacher learn English?
No, he doesn't. He teaches English.

Does a greengrocer sell books?
No, he doesn't. He sells fruit and vegetables.

Does an elephant have small ears?
No, it doesn't. It has big ears.

Do you drink tea at breakfast?
Yes, I drink tea at breakfast.

Does he listen to classical music?
No, he doesn't listen to classical music.

Does your mother wash the dishes?
Yes, my mother washes the dishes.

Do they learn English at school?
No, they don't learn English at school.

Does Sandy live in a small house?
Yes, she lives in a small house.

Do you have lunch at the school canteen in the afternoons?
Yes, I have lunch at the school canteen in the afternoons.

Does she drink tea with sugar?
No , she doesn't drink tea with sugar.

Do they always play tennis at weekends?
Yes, they always play tennis at weekends.

Do you wear coat in summer?
No, we don't wear coat in summer.

Does your mother make delicious cakes?
Yes, my mother makes delicious cakes.

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