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Can, can't ile ilgili cümleler (15 adet)

  • yönetim
  • | 26.10.2021 10:25
  • | can can't ile örnek cümleler

1. My father can speak two languages: Italian and English.

2. Sophie is a singer. She can sing very well.

3. I don't have any eggs. I can't make a cake.

4. I haven't got a racket. I can't play tennis.

5. Jennifer has got lots of homework. She can't go to the party.

6. Henry has a CD player in his room. He can listen to music.

7. It's cloudy and rainy today. We can't have a picnic in the garden.

8. I know numbers in English. I can count to a hundred.

9. David is only nine years old. He can't drive a car.

10. I'm good at art. I can draw pictures very well.

11. A cleaner can sweep the streets.

12. A sailor can sail a ship.

13. A waiter can serve drinks at a restaurant.

14. A gardener can plant flowers and trees.

15. An architect can plan and design buildings.

16. A hostess can help passengers on a plane.

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